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What Fishing Guides Don't Want You to Know About Fishing the Coastal Bend...

There will always be strength in numbers. CorpusFishingClub.com brings together the experience and knowledge of thousands of anglers around the coastal bend.

With this information we slip into our waders, launch our kayaks, and ignite our engines confident that our expeditions will lead us to fish. 

Don't be afraid to join our club because you aren't an experienced fisherman. We supply you with a tackle box full of information and techniques to guide you on your journey.  

Some of the ways we teach include how-to videos, Ebooks, and fishing reports. 

If that isn't enough you can find an incredible amount of information on our Blog, Facebook page, and Youtube channel

How To Plan A Fishing Trip Like A Bo$$

  1. Use the interactive fishing map to find a fishing spot you haven't been to yet. We made this Google map just for you and marked locations such as boat launches, bait shops, and of course, fishing spots.
  2. Ask a friend. If you haven't made any friends that are quality anglers, then you can post questions to the club on our private or public Facebook pages.
  3. Watch the latest videos. Our latest videos hold the juiciest information. We will even go live while we are catching fish and give you the details.

The public Facebook page is a cool place to share your story. Our members only Facebook group is a great place to share secrets.

We lead novice and experienced anglers to the fish with info such as which lure to use in Oso Bay, how to catch trout in Rockport, or pull Redfish off the jetties. The more you know, the less likely you are to get skunked.

If you're already addicted to fishing, or you're ready to be, the Corpus Fishing Club can fuel your passion. We may sleep to the sound of the waves, but we always wake to sound of screaming drag. Join us in our aquatic adventures today!

Earn Rewards From Fishing

Of course we adhere to the "leave it better than you found it" policy and give back to the community when possible. And that can be rewarding. But, sometimes we just want to win something by doing what we love.

Our members are automatically entered into all contests, giveaways, and future tournaments. Some events will be public, but only members will be eligible for rewards and private meetings. It's more fun to the the "in" crowd.

One of the most important rewards will be extra fish tugging on your line. I think we can all agree that catching fish is the best thing ever! Immerse yourself in our fishing community and you are guaranteed to catch more fish.

There are many advantages to being in the club:

  • Continue Learning. From novice to master, we can all learn from each other. As patterns change we will bring you updated information and tips.
  • The sites. On those rainy, windy days when we cannot go fishing you can head over to the member area to access the interactive fishing map, ebooks or fishing videos. You can also visit us on Facebook or Youtube. Let us help you plan your next trip.
  • The Club. Club activities are often the result of members' wishes. They can grow to include the kids, the dogs, the wife and community. When tournaments and contests roll around, you'll have a chance to pull out all the stops and have some fun.
  • Like Fishing? Join The Club! If you just moved here or just need to meet a couple friends that are willing to fish until the last shrimp, then you've come to the right place. Fishing is fun and rewarding and we feel the same way.

There Wasn't A Fishing Club. So, We Made One...

When our founder, Jaycob Jones, moved to Corpus Christi over ten years ago, he watched everything he could about fishing the coastal bend three months prior to arriving. He wanted to learn quickly and meet the people who knew how to get it done.

Unfortunately, he only found the Corpus Christi Big Game Fishing Club. (CCBGFC) Not to take away from that wonderful organization, but it wasn't a match. What good would that bring to a guy with a Ford Mustang and no boat? It was clear that he would have to take matters into his own hands.

Creating A Club That's Useful To Anglers:

The first objective we had at the C.F.C. was to teach fishing to those willing to learn. We wanted to help anglers fix obvious mistakes with their gear or technique. For that reason, we started writing.

The results of our writing formed an Ebook that covers topics that can make or break a fishing trip: "The Difference Between Catching and Fishing."

We also created an ever-growing fishing map to simplify things even further. Just pick a spot close by or one that isn't so close. You can also find excellent places to throw a cast net or launch a kayak. 

As we continue to fish and post to social media we begin to see patterns that can be exploited. Snapper in the Summer, Flounder in the Fall, and Trout in the Winter can be found along with where they are and how to catch them.

The Corpus Fishing Club Changes The Game For Good

We are the difference between catching and fishing in the coastal bend.

It's time for you to up your fishing game and enjoy catching plenty of quality fish on a regular basis. Share your glory with the only fishing club in Corpus Christi, TX.

  1. Be Part of Something Bigger: Join us for events that include the ocean and the community.
  2. Teach or Learn: Just fishing with another member or sharing what you know is enough to make the club a helpful, and welcoming place for new anglers.
  3. Compete and WIN: Reserve your spot at our meetings and contests. We want to reward your fishing addiction with awesome prizes and invites.

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Up your fishing game!

Not Sure The Club Is A Good Fit?

The C.F.C. means something different to each angler. Some of our members fish four days a week, while others come from as far as San Antonio and Austin to share our love for saltwater fishing.

There are members who love "internet stuff" and members who don't. You can kick back and see what the club is up to...or you can join us on the water and hook into a fish. When you are ready to go from calm to adrenaline, we are already here, ready to lend a hand, or a net, or a gaff...

Stop Wasting Money.

We've all lost rigs to the rocks, bought live bait, and launched the boat to come home without fish. Don't waste another penny on tackle/gas/bait....fishing...until you join the club and hear what others have to say.

We'll provide you with tips and tricks of the trade that will save you money and time in the long run.

"The best way to catch a fish is to keep a bait in the water."