Aug 16

Corpus Christi Fishing Piers – Bob Hall over the weekend

By Captain Jones | Corpus Christi Fishing Piers

My brother came into town and we went fishing on the Bob Hall Pier on Saturday. We got to the beach around 9pm and instantly got to work. We fished cut bait and dead shrimp for an hour with no luck. Then my brother caught an undersized snapper using shrimp. After that, nothing happened. We fished all night, getting our bait stolen by small fish and we left around 2AM. The guy next to us had out about 10 shark baits and nothing happened for him either. So nobody caught anything, but it wasn’t from a lack of effort. Better luck next time.

Jul 01

A turn for the best

By Captain Jones | Uncategorized

Well, everyone was saying they could do without a hurricane, but welcomed the rain. And in the end it seems that’s exactly what they’ll get. Alex turned right into Mexico and now it seems that almost nothing will happen to CC. Only time will tell what’s in store for us and when we can get back on the water. It’s supposed to be gray and glum for about a week, but let’s hope they are wrong again.

Jun 28

The Heat of Summer

By Captain Jones | General

It seems like the heat of summer has pushed the fish into deeper waters, with most shallow catches coming near dusk and dawn. If you’re looking to spend a day of fishing “fun in the sun” you might try a deeper channel or grass flat in over 3 feet of water. There are good numbers of Specks mixed with flounder and reds when you find them. Use fish depth as a rule of thumb. If you’ve caught fish in 10 feet of water, but decide to move… try to find another spot with a similar depth. Live croaker and shrimp seem to be the favorite baits right now. However, with the right artificials you should be able to catch the more aggressive fish consistently. Throw your favorite topwaters when the water’s slick and something shiny/silver when the sun’s up or the water’s clear. It’s a good time to be on the Texas Gulf Coast.

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