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Feb 23

Fina Docks Port Aransas Fishing Report 2-23-2017

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Port Aransas Fishing Report

We heard reports that Mangrove Snapper, also known as Gray Snapper had moved into the "Fina Docks" which are basically the first docks on the right side if you are headed into the port. They are also across from the exit to the marina that is home to Port A Outfitters, Dolphin Docks, and Deepsea Headquarters.

We showed up late to fish the docks with our kayaks. Fair warning: this actually seemed kind of dangerous as those waters are fast moving and unforgiving. With that being said, when big boats passed nothing happened to us.

We did end up catching a couple small snapper, croaker, etc. but soon it got dark and we had to leave. However, there were multiple boats tied to the docks and we could see people catching fish. Here are some cool photos under the ruins of an old dock system.‚Äč

Feb 13

Tiger The Fishing Dog

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My First Mate

Here are some fun pictures of a very entertaining dog. His name is Tiger and he loves the boat. He also enjoys long adventures, new smells and being away from home all day. If it has to do with going out the front door of the house, then it's Tiger's favorite.